Logan H. Westbrooks: The Collection of a Music Industry Executive and Entrepreneur
During the 1960s, Black musicians and executives still had a difficult time breaking into the mainstream of the music industry. Despite the commercial success of Black music produced by the independent labels major record companies (with the exception of Decca) did not invest in it. However, a group of pioneering Black music industry executives, managers, disc jockeys, and promoters began opening new doors for African American artists.</p><p>Logan H. Westbrooks was one of these pioneering executives, and his personal collection &#8212; held by the Archives of African American Music and Culture at Indiana University Bloomington &#8212; reflects the state of the music industry from the mid-1960s to the 1980s, which is often described as the Golden Age for Black popular music. This podcast features highlights from the collection which illuminate the role and achievements of Logan H. Westbrooks as a music industry executive and promoter of Black music for both major and independent labels. 

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Logan H. Westbrooks
Power 101 
Experience a historical musical roller coaster ride of personal and public domain stories. These books are a must read, featuring insight and advice from Dr. Logan H. Westbrooks and over 50 industry experts who have garnered over 100 million dollars in career sales, plus more than 50 gold & 25 platinum records in soul, pop, gospel, hip hop and R&B.

Logan H. Westbrooks The Anatomy of the Music Industry

Featuring insight and advice from industry experts to educate and inspire present and future generations in the music business. Logan H. Westbrooks is a former music executive whose resume includes Source Records, CBS, Mercury, Capitol, and more. He has been instrumental in the careers of Sly and The Family Stone, Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers, Carlos Santana, The Jackson 5, Earth Wind and Fire, Miles Davis, Nelly, and many more.

Logan H. Westbrooks The Anatomy of a Record Company.

The Anatomy of a Record Company was first published 35 years ago. Ascent Publishing has re-released this book to offer foundational and historical perspectives to the current music industry. The major driving forces today are the Internet, digitized music, and the mobilization of music. The major labels no longer hold autonomy as to who enters the ‘gates’ however, with over forty executives interviewed, spanning 50 years of expertise.

Logan H. Westbrooks The Harvard Report Censored.

The Harvard Report CENSORED by Dr. Logan H. Westbrooks is new from Ascent Publishing. It is the first ever stand alone print publication of this extensive report that was prepared for Columbia Records Group (CRG) in 1972. A Harvard MBA (Larry Isaacson) spearheaded the idea of penetrating the Black Music Market. He was also an employee of CBS Records at the time and he presented the idea to Clive Davis.